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Shelter in Place or Evacuate

In certain emergency situations, you may be forced to make a decision of whether you should stay put or get away. Local authorities may or may not be able to tell you what you should do. It will be your responsibility to gather as much information as possible and use common sense to make a decision. In an emergency situation, toxic fumes could be released into the air making it too dangerous for you to venture outside. Your family and pets should shelter-in-place by:

You'll want to listen to local radio or television broadcasts to stay updated on the sitution. You should keep an emergency kit in your home. Watch the Emergency Kit video to learn how to build your home and vehicle kits. In other types of disasters you may be instructed to evacuate your home or neighborhood. Authorities will request emergency instruction be broadcast over local radio and television stations advising you on available evacuation routes. You should have an evacuation plan in place and have a smaller emergency kit in your vehicle if conditions require an evacuation.