Who can receive the alerts?

Q: What type of alerts will I receive with the AHAS service?

Q: Do I need special video equipment to receive the alerts?

Q: What equipment do I need to receive the alerts?

Q: Will I need to purchase special equipment in the future if the program capabilities are expanded?

Q: How does the Braille format alert work?

Q: How will the equipment notify me that an alert has been issued?

Q: Do I need to carry my phone on my person while I am awake?

Q: What if I'm asleep and an alert is issued?

Q: Who can receive the alerts?

A:Any resident of Fort Worth may sign up for AHAS alerts. To keep the AHAS transmission system at optimum performance levels, the Office of Emergency Management requests that only Fort Worth residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or deaf/blind sign up for the AHAS alerts. Alerts are sent out based on Fort Worth zip codes. To receive AHAS alerts for your area participants must live or work in the City of Fort Worth.
Any Fort Worth resident may sign up for text message emergency alerts sent to their cell phone or email at www.Nixle.com or by texting their zip code to 888777.

Q: I don't live in Fort Worth but I work or go to school there, can I get the AHAS alerts?

Q: I live in Fort Worth but I receive my mail through a City of Keller post office zip code, how can I get these alerts?

Q: Why can't people outside Fort Worth receive the alerts?

Q: I live outside of Fort Worth, how can I receive the AHAS service?

Q: What is the cost for this service?

Q: I do not have a functional need, can I receive the alerts also?